3 Card Readings

Moonlight Epiphanies

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General 3 Card Reading


Option 1:      Past / Present / Future

Option 2:  Spiritual Journey- Past / Present / Future

Option 3:     Now / Six Months from Now / One Year from Now

Option 4:    You / Them / The Relationship

Option 5:     Option 1 / Option 2 / Advice on How




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A Tarot Professional Cannot Predict the Future, A reading is based on the current Energies. You should not rely on a Tarot Reading to make any Decision that would Affect your Legal, Financial, or Medical Condition. If your Inquiry involves the Law, Finance or Medicine, then you should seek the advise of a licensed or qualified Legal, Financial, or Medical Professional. Also, Tarot Readings do not replace Qualified Mental Healthcare. A Tarot reading can only Facilitate how you Cope Spiritually with a Given Situation. In Certain Juristrictions, a Tarot Professional is required to disclose to you that Tarot Readings should be for Entertainment Purposes only, and is such a law applies to your reading, then you are herby on notice therof. Your Tarot Professional is bound by Self-imposed Code of Ethics, Which can be provided to you upon request.

Tarot Readings By Moonlight Epiphanies are Spiritual In Nature and do not purport to tell the future on your fortune with Certainty, Cure Misforture, Commune Supernaturally, or Perform any Service that would be in Conflict with the Laws of the Land.