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Moonlight Epiphanies

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The 7 Chakras are Energy Centres, Each Chakra can be Blocked by your Mind, more specifically the Energy you hold in, Any Positive and Negative thoughts and feelings you have are Energy. When we Think we send energy to each chakra that controls that energy: When this is Positive Energy this helps build the Chakra Stronger and Balanced, Things Like Affirmations and Manifestation Energy. But, when this is Negative Energy it Clogs the Chakra's Energy Potential, So now the Chakra is off balance because of the energy you are holding in. So Now the Mind is not acting in the Right State of Mind, because the Chakras are essentially contaminated by the Negative Energy. 

The 7 Main Chakras

Root (Muladhara)- Element: Earth Energies: Safe, Grounded Action: I Am

Sacral (Svadhisthana)- Element: Water Energies: In The Flow Action: I Feel

Solar Plexus (Manipura)- Element: Fire Energies: Self-Mastery Action: I Do

Heart (Anahata)- Element: Air Energies: Love, The Drum that Needs No Drummer Action: I Love

Throat (Vishuddha)- Element: Ether Energies: Creativity, Expression, Purification Action: I Speak

Third Eye (Ajna)- Element: Transcendent Energies: Mind Action: I See

Crown (Sahasrara)- Element: Nothing, Everything, and All That is Between and Beyond That Action: I Know


This Product Contains all 7 Chakra Aromatherapy/Phytotherapy Candles to Help Balance and Cleanse Your Chakras

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